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The American Carnival Glass Association is a nonprofit, educational group, dedicated to promote interest and educate others, to encourage learning and enlightenment of one of America’s heritages, Carnival Glass and to increase and promote friendship and to give each an opportunity to participate in new discoveries and experiences concerning Carnival Glass. A member of the ACGA benefits by receiving a quarterly newsletter devoted to Carnival Glass. The News Letter is published four times a year.

 Would you like to learn more about this beautiful and collectable glass? You may wish to become a member of the American Carnival Glass Association.  Membership dues for the ACGA represent a modest fee compared to the benefits a member receives. Interested persons are invited to join the thousands of collectors by sending $25 for first class postage if in the US or Canada, and $30 for Over Seas Surface mail to:


American Carnival Glass Association
P.O. Box 10022
Lancaster, PA 17605-0022

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